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"No Repetition"

"No Repetition"

Excluding Sales Tax

Acrylic on Wood

24" x 48"



Explore the dynamic interplay of detail and abstraction with "No Repetition" This unique painting pushes the boundaries of traditional art by seamlessly blending intricate details with bold, abstract forms. The result is a harmonious composition that invites viewers to find similarities and connections within contrasting elements.


In "No Repetition" balance and playfulness coexist, reflecting the vision of unity in diversity. Graffiti-inspired strokes, a signature of the artist's style, infuse the piece with energy and vibrancy, adding a contemporary edge to the overall composition.


This artwork challenges the viewer to discover the delicate equilibrium between the detailed and the abstract, offering a fresh perspective on the nature of artistic expression. Bring this thought-provoking piece into your space and let it inspire you to see the beauty in balance and the joy in creativity.

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