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Junior Gomez | About Bio


Revitalizing our perception of the world, I create artworks that emphasize our inherent connection to the beauty of nature. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I create paintings that I transform into prints, murals, and even NFTs, bringing figurative elements to life with an expressive and bold abstract style. These artworks come together in an intuitive and organic process where I incorporate wood grain to add to the texture and dimension of each piece, accented by vibrant colors, gestural brushstrokes, and even accents of materials such as gold leaf. Drawing from the tranquility and insight of meditation to the greats of Roman philosophy and even basing my work on my own experiences, I investigate the cycles of life and nature in a dance of color, light, and design.


Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with art. Originally from New York City, I followed my passion obtaining my Bachelor in Visual Arts from Wells College. The difficulties of breaking into the art world as a new graduate led me to build a career in the corporate sector. While life pulled me towards new professions, I always found myself creating new projects and developing new techniques in any spare time I had. Seeking a fresh start, I relocated to Charlotte and committed to chasing after my childhood dream. I took the time to develop my skills and sought out artistic training. I began displaying my work and receiving commissions, the spark I needed to know my dream was ready to become a reality.


In 2021, I committed to my lifelong passion and became a full-time professional artist. Overcoming the obstacles and the struggles, I continued to experiment and persevere, ultimately finding new levels of artistic growth. To date, I have exhibited across North Carolina in galleries such as The Harvey B. Gantt Center, John Foster Gallery and Gallery 811. As my artistic career continues to grow, I have plans to exhibit worldwide and engage my skills for murals and public art projects.


My practice reflects my own journey. I translate my gratitude for life and my ability to embrace the present moment into the art I create. As life is so often deafened by chaos, I seek for my art to be an outlet for hope. With each barrier I break down, I want to inspire others to do the same in their own lives. Creating a connection to the beauty of the world we inhabit, my art will activate the curiosity in my viewers as they explore the deepest realms of their own imaginations.


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